Right On, Bro’

Clint gives some Christian cogitation on the mixing of method, secular and Christian. One of those posts where I have nothing to add and just point you to the man’s well-thought opinion:

What I rail against is the seemingly incessant mindset of some Christians and companies that says, “If X works well in the secular marketplace, then Christians require ‘look-alike X.'” If Budwiser’s “King of Beers” T-Shirt is popular on the beaches, then Christians need their own, look-alike “King of Kings” shirt. If “Dummies” books are selling well in bookstores, then Christians need a “Bible for Dummies” product line. Or in the case at hand, if American Idol is such a smash hit, then Christians need their own show, Gifted. I don’t believe any of it.

Read the whole thing, in Reply to to Selena Marie.

If Christians are gifted and empowered by the Creator of the Universe (and I believe that we are), then why do we waste so much of our talents and abilities in copying the things of this world? Isn’t it past time that Christians become innovators in their fields and not simply duplicators?

Right on., Bro’.