Rightly Dividing- Or using that sword the correct way

I am recovered from my misanthropic temptation ( see last post). And came upon this post from reasons why, Love Us or Hate Us?

Ahhh, there is something so refreshing to me when I hear the Word of God given in well-reasoned balance. Just lovely.

Sozo says things like:

I’ve heard this idea presented so much that it seems to have become generally accepted as true. The idea is this – if we are able to abide in the Spirit so that God flows through us, then non-Christians will see that we are different and be drawn to God. ……..
The question I have is, is this really a valid expectation?………
It’s easy for us to turn almost anything into a formula, and this is no exception…….
…..our gaze should ever be upon Christ and what the world sees should be an outflow of what the Spirit is doing as we are conformed to His image.

Mmmmm, good stuff. Read it for your morning devotion-start your day out right, for that matter make some of these thoughts a focus for your week. T’will do a body good. reasons why

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