Road to Emmaus- The Road Not Taken?

I see forks in the road ahead for Evangelical Christians of our nation, Perhaps of the West…but definitely slated for our nation. We have been on track for some of them since the rise of the Moral Majority in response to the demise of Christian moral influence in America.

It is causing me to become far more careful and taking things in far more consideration than I have in the past ten years or so. That is because the road and the detours are not so clearly marked, now, and because of some painful experience in where some of these have taken us: not exactly where we intended to go.

Where we want to go is somewhere that we may meet with Christ Jesus and follow on to know Him better…. but the Road to Emmaus? What was that? Was it a journey of despair and lost hope? Was it returning to some previous direction? It seems the appearance of Jesus was rather an intervention, in a road not necessarily of His choosing for His disciples, but in meeting with them in the road they chose for themselves. That their eyes may be opened, that they may be aware of His truth and turn their direction to focus upon His salvation once more.

I will have to break this up into bites… but this is where I want to go in viewing the roads forks ahead: the determination of some Christians to rev up the political activism, the reactionary response amongst other Christians to that, the competition of religions for hearts and souls of men, the sharp differences within the Christian Community in response to those ( both methods within and to those without), and what distractions and detours are looming.

It is said in the Proverbs: A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, But the simple pass on and are punished.

I think we have come to the juncture as the Church of Christ Jesus in our nation to act with prudence.

Inspired by: New Covenant ›› Words Behind Me›› Christianity Today

Background reading: Silent No More Tour

* I want to say upfront that I have always liked Rod Parsley. I haven’t kept close tabs on his minsitry or his preaching, but I think some of this is going to bring him out front and center. So intend to look closer…

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  1. To be honest, I am without religion, but I do enjoy your perspective and thanks for stopping by. You are wonderfully coherent and difficult to dismiss as I usually do when faith is tread upon. Thanks, and I don’t mind plattitude.

  2. {{Kev}}
    High praise! Thanks for stopping by-hopefully sometime to dialogue:)

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