September. It is a strange endpoint and startpoint…. much more natural for most people than January. It follows a seasonal line and so many things seem to happen in September…. but maybe that is just my perception.

Probably from having weathered the news of the hurricanes, and today, the news of the earthquake in California; Mt. St. Helens is rumbling a bit, again. Maybe it seems superstitious, but it seems to awaken my inner eyes to scan the horizon of spiritual sensing. A response of “What is all this?” “What do these things mean?” It seems as if I am on overload for having heard discouraging news.

Not the overloaded feeling of desperation, but a sort of weary desire to hear something good. Maybe I am too exposed to the media. I don’t usually think so, but I wonder sometimes if all that gathering of bad news from all over the planet isn’t just too much for the mind to handle.

Like isn’t the evil of a day sufficient? Don’t we have enough things to handle?

On the other hand, if we do more than mentally wring our hands ( how about that picture?), we may use the opportunity to help others more.

We could. Although it does seem that the most useful attempts arise from habitual helping and giving. And that is everyday growth of it in our everyday lives.

It makes me think of Jesus in the Upper Room washing the disciples feet. I think of how the importance of building humble caring into our lives with each other is the foundation of our ability to reach out to the hurts of the world with the clean refreshed spirit that they need from us.

Sometimes I think that we just aren’t practiced, as a group, in the kind of caring that washing someones feet represents.

Sometimes it seems we are always looking for the big things…. and then surprised when our resources aren’t sufficient; and discouraged when we see so much done with high handed ways and soul-pressing self inflation. It is hard to describe if you haven’t ever been on the receiving end of that sort of giving. Not that beggers can be choosers. Maybe that maxim explains quite a bit, though.

I read something that said we all need a Yom Kippur. That is probably so. A time when in the midst of life, whether experiencing the good or the bad, we sit down and reflect. We recognize where we’ve gone wrong with our relationships, try to make things a little more right… try to decide to wash a few feet in the coming year. Without making a big deal, perhaps trying some random acts of kindness things, or upping the ante.

Because you never know who you will come across, or how that one thing will affect them at just that time. Or what kind of accumulation you can make in a lifetime if you refresh the everyday part of someones existance.

You never really know.
That’s all for tonight…g’nite friends.