Rusty Talks Branding: how to avoid getting seared by the hot iron

At New Covenant, Rusty has some interesting posts on the topic of “branding”, a perennial interest of mine.

New Covenant: Branding: how to avoid getting seared by the hot iron
Consumer Reports [says about]…the impact of “branding” on actual spending,

” For parents, all this brand chatter might not be welcome news, as brand talk leads to requests for specific products. While teens referencing brands isn’t really new, what is new is the fact that advertising is coming at them from more sources than ever and is often more fluidly integrated into their entertainment. With the increasing proliferation of viral marketing, it seems that teen exposure to and discussion of brands can only increase.”

Then gives his own report on his frugal spending success :::applause:::

The thought it gave me was that we need to develop and relay to our children the concept of making our own “brand”. Why borrow someone else’s brand exclusively? We are not the sum of the Abercombie and Fitch or the Ford or the Lexus…. we are more than Whole Foods, Ralph Lauren, or Tide. Those are just things we use, and sometimes if we are very smart we can learn to make substitution or find alternative resources for building our own brand: honest, frugal, wise, kind, generous, …lots of the cachet that money by itself does not buy, but lifestyle accrues.

Does the brand sold as a bill of goods to your kids fit the brand of your family, or of your children’s own goals?

What defines you?
… and your personal message?