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Twilight in Sedona

12 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Hunt”

  1. What a beautiful photo!
    I love it, the atmosphere, the mountains – everything-
    Gosh I miss California! *S*
    Happy Saturday.
    Drop by, My Saturday Photo is up.

  2. I knew this place as soon as the pic opened. Truly one of my fav places on the earth.

    I don’t want this to sound critical, but I had a hard time figuring out how to post a comment. I’ve never seen this set up before.
    I was just frustrated and just wanted to say I loved your shot and thanks.

  3. I knew this one right away. Been there!! And actually how you titled your photo is great too!!! Twilight…yes, indeed, a beautiful country.

    Mine’s up

  4. I’ve been to this exact place and think that we ate at that same restaurant that’s in the picture.

    You make me want to go and dig out my pictures of Sedona now!

  5. Please do! Post them so I also can revisit vicariously 🙂 I love Sedona!

  6. Unfortunately, none of them are in digital format. But… if I find some time I might be able to scan a few in.

  7. It is such beautiful country out there. Surprising that others have been at that exact spot- but it shouldn’t be, what is that saying about six points…?

  8. {{Pam}} Thanks for making the effort at leaving a comment. I know squible theme is pretty different… I’m working on another one that will be more like what people are used to…but in the meantime you could use the theme changer on the topright corner.

    You weren’t being critical at all- it always helps to get feedback and I appreciate your input, 🙂

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