Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Empty


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empty chairs
Theme: Empty

Rather like my audience here at the blog- after so much downtime. This pic was taken at the Franklin Botanical Conservatory … empty chairs in readiness for a wedding.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Empty”

  1. I like your picture. My friend eija takes part in the scavanger hunt. Maybe I will too – someday! I like looking at other people’s pictures and this one is particularly interesting because of the colours and the sense / atmosphere of anticipication

  2. soon it will be filled up w/ guests right? an empty chair seems too lonely,hehehe! happy hunting!

  3. Lorna and eija,
    I think I take pictures ranging from boring to awful usually- I need to practice more ( yeh, that’s it! practice)
    Interesting story, however: I took this before an afternoon wedding that was coming up, it was in anticipation of my daughters choice to have hers there. So we have pictures of the pace with the wedding party and guests 🙂 It was a beautiful wedding, and we had the reception elsewhere ( conservatories heat up a bit too much for a whole event).
    It was just a perfect wedding and I was so happy everything ( except the freak April blizzard) was wonderful on this day. Isn’t that how a wedding should be?

  4. What a lovely place for a wedding! just gorgeous! But an April blizzard? thats horrible…we just had our youngest son’t wedding in October, and it was 35 mph winds and rain! Made some very unusual wedding photos lol..thanks for visiting my photo hunt today! Please come back again soon!

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