Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Tiny


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Theme: Tiny
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from the sea Tiny things from the sea

…and..another tiny thing 🙂babykins

3 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Hunt: Tiny”

  1. loved the tiny fish

    when I saw the word tiny Iwas reminded how tiny mustard seed like faith is all we need – cos He’s a great big dog!

  2. I love the picture of the baby, one of my grandsons!

    Did you guys notice the little crab in the other boy’s hand? It is hard to see and I couldn’t get it to be more defined in the picture.

    I’ve been really lazy about photos and so these are old pics. I keep thinking I will get into the habit of more picture taking, but I always seem to be rushed and don’t have time. I did buy more batteries for my camera, though. Just in case!

    Taking pics of tiny seeds would have been a really good idea- I need an idea person for my photo shoots- wish you were here to provide it;)

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