Saturday Scavenger Hunt: youth


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son self portrait
Theme: Youth

My son took this self-portrait… I thought it captured something interesting.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Hunt: youth”

  1. That is what it seems to be- where that broken peice is now, or what is from ??? A mom wants to know;)

    I wasn’t sure if he lined up the piece with the lines in the rooms beams or if that was happy accident.

    The picture has symbolism for me that I doubt it had for him… I think of seeing ourselves in a mirror darkly- the smudged mirror and the darkened face with light from the upper part coming through the blue-

    He actually placed it in his closet to take this pic.
    I thought it was pretty good for a teenager. Shoot. I’d think it was really good for me if I had taken it…

  2. Great picture: it’s definitely unique. And it does raise all those interesting questions.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier (the planets)… If only you knew just how non-scientific my mind actually is.

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