September Transition, Shalom Shabbat

I mentioned in the last post or so that I plan on a short sabbatical. I am taking it this week. The inspiration for this comes from a Christian Newsletter bulletin that I read. This is the gist of it:

The Lord began to speak to me and gave me two promises to pray for His people. He said:
My people are filled with dangerous emotions. I want to settle their emotions so that their mind will think the same way that I think. Unless they allow Me to deal with their dangerous emotions they will miss many blessings that I have for the future. Many will end up striking the rock as Moses did out of a dangerous emotion instead of speaking to the rock and miss their door of entry for this season. Tell My people to be still.
Then He also began to clarify and refine what He previously shared on stillness:

I am calling for a Jericho stillness. This warfare call is important for the future of My people. If they will come before Me for seven straight days and allow Me to still their hearts and quiet their spirits, that which has been invincible in their past and has kept them from moving into their future will fall before them. Tell MY people to still their hearts before Me.

All of a sudden it dawned on me: it wasn’t that we were not to do anything. Rather, this was a type of fast. I began to see this was the fast God had chosen to help us make our transition into the expected end that He has for us. It wasn’t that we were to do nothing, but we were to capture every thought and emotion that would hinder us from our future.

I perceive within myself these “dangerous emotions” : resentments, unfocused vagrant anger, and lurking fears concerning my lack of control of things. I know that I need to get still and resolve these things in a spiritual way. “Casting all your care upon God”.

I will resume after next week…. and have all hope that it will be with something better for having taken this time.

Coincidentally, tomorrow also is Sept.11, and the time of sober remembrance for all Americans, now. It feels very right to put aside the distractions of media and the computer time to seek guidance from God. It feels very, very right.

Read more about the Jewish significance of this time….

Just an afterthought:

September is the time for the Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, September 15 – September 25, 2004. For the Jewish people this is a time of review and repentence.

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