I Called 911

Deathbed Repentance

Lots has changed. Short time -much change. I suddenly became very ill the other day. Horribly. 911 horribly. ( The call to the medics, not the date). But here I am…not quite right, but ok. It seems to be the same vertigo as last fall, but came in on the wing of some horrendous flu or something.

Now I feel sheepish that I agreed to the 911 call. If I had known it was flu I would’ve toughed it out. Cheaper, with much less intervention and no trips to the doctor. And certainly no group of EMT men in my living room while I heave in a can. Aggghhh. That has to be the low point.

But I did repent of all known sins.

I did. I think that is a rational response to thoughts that you are dying 🙂 Although I wasn’t, but it was a punishing experience, anyway. And now some people on my hatelist are forgiven. I guess it takes something like that. Pretty nitty-gritty, eh?

I wish I didn’t have any hatelists, but sometimes I do. I decided that it isn’t worth it, and it just makes my blood pressure go off the chart. But I know I’m not single minded about that. I’ll have to be careful of waver….

Iraq Problem

Which brings me back to the Iraq problem. The events there are so disturbing. If bully tactics of kidnappings and killings, of terrorism and dictatorship are rewarded, to what end will the nations drive the destiny of this situation? It is like the proverbial tiger by the tail. Letting go is not the answer, but little else is either. Just hold on and hope for help.
Praying for help -shouting for some, might work, too.

Did you know that is what Hosanna means? Lord Save Us.

It is Hosanna season, but we will have to be willing to do things other than our own way. Can we see that? Can we submit to it?

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  1. …. I am either keeping people praying or at least my complaints serve to keep me humble. Can I say it’s all good?

    Nope. Can’t say that. but I am much better…just more dizzy than usual. Walk rather like a drunkard. -Give the neighbors something to talk about;)

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