Sight Unseen … and other wars

Reading @ The Shape of Days I came across a short post ( I could learn a thing or two about that ) that sparked an analogy for me.

The invisible front

It’s often been said that we never hear about counterterrorism’s successes, only its failures. That’s not always true. Today in a speech to the National Guard Association here in Washington, the President disclosed never-before-heard details of one of the successes in our fight against Islamic terrorism.

In 2002, according to the President, the United States successfully prevented a group of Malaysian militants coordinated by terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed from hijacking an airliner and flying it into the tallest building in Los Angeles.

It’s a very strange war we’re fighting here. Our enemies are operating in secret, trying to slip through defenses which even our most strident government apologists admit are little more than formalities. When we thwart them — which, apparently, we’ve done several times in the past five years — we can’t advertise it, because we obviously don’t want to tell our enemies how we beat them. We want them to keep making the same mistakes over and over again, so we can keep beating them over and over again.

Today we got only the slightest glimpse into a side of the war on terrorism that we rarely get to see. It was one of those weird moments when I was both fascinated, wondering just what else has happened that I don’t know about, and mortified. Sometimes I think I’m happier not knowing, you know?

What it reminded me of is the fact that we are helped and protected every day. We have an unseen battle surrounding us, and just sometimes we get a glimpse of it.

For some reason this always takes us by surprise.

Jesus spoke of those who have ears to hear and eyes that do not see …. both referring to the fact that there is a spiritual reality and spiritual senses. Are we walking around unaware and is this why we have so little sense of balance in life?

Elisha asked the Lord to open the eyes of the servant…lots more was going on in a situation that looked like all the action was on the enemies side, rather like Jeff Harrell has observed here. And sometimes it disturbs us… as it does him.

Perhaps the open eyes and ears are a matter of habit. Making it a habit to run certain realities by our minds now and again.

I liked being in on Jeff’s revelatory moment because it reminded me of times – and not only my own- when the reality of God’s care and intervention, as well as the dangers out there, appeared on the viewing screen of consciousness.
other observations….

In the comment on the the continualism debate, or what I like to term contending for the reality of spiritual gifts for today’s church…. Rick Ianniello mentioned how he had lost the energy to continue the debate on this topic. Well, I can feel his pain, or weariness, as I have my own domains of “just plain tired”. Mine are the type of things covered in Karen Braun’s blog, Spunky Homeschool. that is probably why you see so little about homeschooling in this veterans homeschoolers blogs ( c’est moi). I get tired of it…. you want to rant about liberals and the Left and all the damage they do? take a look at some of the things done in the name of Public Schooling and education and view the history of the constant fight that Americans have on their hands just to parent their wn children. Take a look at how difficult it is to maintain the line on the homeschool front.

I could use a bit of revelatory vision in this area of life, believe me.