Slap In The Face Or Stroke On The Cheek?

Which one will I get in blogdom today?

Well, there were one and a half answers to the little baton I threw out, so far. I am amazed at the compassion I seem to elicit from Greg, who already had done one of these, but did one again. It helped assuage the fact that I simply hate to ask people for favors.

Then I read a comment from Kate, who also posts @ Evangelical Update, a blog peopled withly highly civilized participants (until I arrived, of course). She lifted my day with one of those unexpected, but very gracious, comments. Of course, I feed off all comments ( as do we all, bloggers, come now, admit it). Although sometimes the adrenaline kicks in when going to look at them…let’s see, what do we get? Slap or stroke, slap or stroke…..?

That’s the trouble with mixing business and pleasure.
An INTP is never good at that…… just don’t finesse enough, I guess.

Well, I guess this is a good a time as any to thank those who have blogrolled me, come to read things here, and especially those who comment. I appreciate you all. You sharpen me:)

Edited to add: on another note, but related to the act of blogging, The bloke @ in the outer says some interesting things.

2 thoughts on “Slap In The Face Or Stroke On The Cheek?”

  1. Hmmm…. well, first of all, thanks for the link. But, hmmmm… I’m still thinking where my post fit in what you’re saying. I believe I do understand what you’re saying, I think, just that I don’t see the connection to my post that’s all. In anycase, I appreciate the link! 🙂

  2. You are right, there is no real connection….. except you appreciate feedback- and that segued into an interesting post….

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