Some Hang Their Heads For Islam

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Hey, you Anti-War,
Pro-Jihad Lefties

I am in danger of stumbling under the weight of the evil done by these hard hearted people. With their jihad and their beheadings; am deeply in danger of wishing a pox on them all…. and that is the corruptible flesh, not the spirit.

This is the last I hope to print on Islam for at least a portion of time.

I don’t know why, but more than the bombings …this news item grieved me to my soul.

It is time for good news of glad tidings, and Jesus Christ is the only one by whom that will come. I hope He gives me something of worth to write this week. I am weary of the foul things I have had to think about this week in the conflicts raging around us.

Take me to the Rock, The Rock that is higher than I.

Amen.Lord Jesus Amen.

7 thoughts on “Some Hang Their Heads For Islam”

  1. “Pro-jihad Lefties”? That’s a straw man, and you know it.

    I can’t say any more about this because I will not be polite, and you deserve better than that. I will give it another shot tomorrow when I cool down a bit.

  2. It was the quote from the site. But if you are angry, we have come upon either your blind spot or mine. If you will not face the facts of what Jihad is, and what it does, and who it does it to…. then you are supporting it with your silence and your forced neutrality.

    My blind spot is that I cannot see how you do not understand that. How can you see this story- and not understand what it means? How can you see a young woman stoned for immorality -quite apart from any partner, and not understand what that means? It is more than mere cultural differences. It is a war of domination. That is how I am seeing it.
    You can tell me your view and you can be as strong as you wish. I suppose you better be pretty strong, because at this point I am looking at it in black and white.

    I will discuss things in this thread for awhile- but I meant it when I said I am making space from dealing with the issue of Islam.

  3. “It was the quote from the site. But if you are angry, we have come upon either your blind spot or mine.”

    Possibly both 😉

    What’s annoying me is that you’re arguing with a cartoon Left.

    What would I (being your main lefty representative ;)) have to do or say to convince you that I don’t actually support Islamic regimes and that I don’t like them? Or that I don’t agree with Sharia law?

    You’re not engaging with what the Left is actually saying, you’re making this bizarre strawman (or borrowing the strawman from someone else) and then attacking it. So when the Left says “We have to understand what causes, aside from the radical brand of Islam, led to this attack” that becomes “We think young women should be stoned to death, we support the Taliban, we think jihad means giving someone a lovely present and we’re thoroughly in favour of it.”

    That annoys me, because you don’t usually do this (in fact, you are one of the best conservatives I know for actually trying to work out why people you don’t agree with believe the things they do.)

  4. OK, Vash, let me walk you through my head. Your comment forced me to think out the sequences.
    1) The item struck me quite viscerally, I agreed without thinking exactly why.
    2) Your comment made me see how -superficially- this is a staw man in the argument of the anti-war criticism.
    3) But then I retraced. and here is my thinking on it and why it is not a straw man in my view:

    Jihadists are the arm of force of the fundamental move to establish Sharia ( of which this incident is an example). Those who try to explain the Jihad force as one engined mainly by Muslims offended by Western policies and the present war are simply offering a smokescreen for Jihadists despite the continual statements they make about world domination.

    The complaints against the US, Israel and UK are secondary level problems. As long as the Left, and not in cartoon at all, issues a complementary front on using this as the main complaint of the Jihadist, the issues are confused. Especially for those who most benefit from seeing the Jihad/Sharia/tyranny connections clearly: the main body of Muslims.

    I fault the Left for making their own partisan agenda priority over the life and limb of masses of people. For exacerbating the buildup towards a clash of major dimensions.

    …and this is why the item found a place on my blog.

    I suppose for you personally, the choice is going to be of whether to stand down or not. You will need to look at the outcomes of looking on the terrorism apologetically and whether this is type of revolution you are interested in seeing waged.

    I don’t know how it is in the UK, but I can tell you that fury is building in mainstream America. I can’t say if it will vent off or continue to build. But it is something that the Left is either manipulating or ignoring- I don’t know which yet.

  5. The story and picture are obscene. No civilized person of any political pursuasion can possibly think that such so-called “punishment” for homosexual activity is anything but vile. I just came across the same link at Atlhouse.

    Having been an old-fashioned liberal all my adult life and not likely to be swayed at this late date, I have to point out that having myself or my political bent coupled with such an expression of atavistic ignorance is a very cheap shot indeed, not far down the obscenity scale from the subject itself.

    This is not to say that no one in America would approve of lynching queers (along with Jews, blacks and others they consider social miscreants) but I don’t think they come from the Left. I don’t know how best to slow the polarization of politics, but trying to pin Iranian extremism to the American Left is not a step in the right direction.

    Speaking of which, a planeload of Iraqi bigshots just came back from Tehran after hobnobbing this week with the powers that be in that country, and all I have noticed from any quarter, left or right, is a deafening silence. For this we are fighting a war? Sheesh! Not only is the flypaper not working, Democracy doesn’t seem to be tilting in the right direction either.

  6. this story affected my thinking in several areas, I may add to this post to further elaborate.

    I do understand what both you and Vash are saying. I do believe this is abhorrent to both of you, and that you do not have any sympathies with Sharia, but what those of the left seem unable to admit is that as long as they place the secondary factors as primary, they are only helping the very things they hate.

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