Some People Muttering About Terri Shiavo

just muttering by myself: Mark Steyn on Terri Schiavo– I want Neil to read this, if he hasn’t already. Answers many of the points far better than my poor efforts.

I ran across this while discovering a fabulous blog. Even though I don’t knit- it is a completely engrossing bit of time I spent there. yarnsandyarns just mutters to herself- why don’t you go there and give her someone to mutter back and forth with?

This was a Mark Steyn article, but she has lots of things to mutter on about of her own…..

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And while you are at it, take off to this destination also via

Civilization Watch – March 20, 2005 – Whose Life Is Worth Living? – The Ornery American

Helen Keller.

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Vash spent some time in Japan, I thought she would get a kick out of this:
The Japanese brain – and umami .