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JOLLYBLOGGER: How to be a Popular Blogger

5 thoughts on “Something Bloggy”

  1. An interesting readm indeed.

    I came here via the Muzik Dude, but I already had you on my reciprocal blogroll. 🙂

  2. 🙂 thanks! yes, I had to click his mystery button twice- I thought I had to be mistaken. Funny, it lifted my day- I was really frustrated with my blogging today…

  3. Hello, Ilona! Muzikdude introduced me to you awhile back, but congratulations on being his-?- today! Thanks for the link to the Vermeer fansite–I joined today. We would both relate well to Mrs. Vermeer (Catharina), methinks!

  4. I have just always loved his paintings- especially the Milkmaid one. When I was young Van Gogh was my favorite…but I grew to appreciate the quiet and contained.

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