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I borrowed something excellent from Sacred Journey’s blog which was posted there last month. It is excellent and she has a link to a pdf file if you should desire that.

If we were to judge from the way Christian colleges advertise themselves to prospective students, we might conclude that the purpose of Christian higher education is to make life-long friends, eat pizza, go rollerblading or horseback riding, and, oh, yeah, learn something.

Oftentimes, the motto of the Christian college appears to be, “Anything the world can do, we can do five years later.”

Modern paganism is in the same shape her older sister was in just before she collapsed. The difference is that modern Christian academic onlookers interpret the writhing of her death throes as a sign of vigor, health, and a bright future. “I’’ll have what she’s having.”

The modern opium dream that education can be religiously neutral should be, in our minds, equivalent to the question of whether or not, to use Dabney’s phrase, “schoolrooms should be located under water or in dark caverns.” Neutrality about the ultimate questions can be pretended in education, but it cannot be accomplished.

Foolishness crosses all boundaries, and it does so because conservatives and liberals have banded together to support the common lie that a thoroughgoing confidence in the Scriptures as the very Word of God and educated sophistication are inconsistent with one another.

From the unpublished booklet “The Quest for Authentic Higher Learning” by Douglas Wilson and Roy Atwood


I cannot get my mind around the disaster of this last earthquake. Like everyone else, I read the ever-growing number calculations and keep tabs on the relief efforts. I don’t know what to say… so there is nothing for me to add, but I think that the Command Post does an excellent job, and they have a perspective piece to help gauge the enormity of the events.

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  1. Thanks for the bit from Sacred Journey. It brought back college memories for me. For a youth ministries paper I had had to dig through piles of Campus Life and other Christian magazines aimed at high school and college students. After noting the same thing, I added a section to my paper discussing the incongruity of what Christian schools advertise and what they teach, or should teach.

    I am visiting after you posted at my blog and am thoroughly enjoying what you have to say. Keep up the good work!

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