Something Well Spent-I just don’t know what

I spent a little time over at Rox Populi, courtesy of LaShawn Barber, and I realize I am probably stepping on my own toes here, but I found this and the resulting comments to be hilarious. It appealed to my twisted sense of humor…. you may not see it that way but, when burying St. Joe upside down turns into actually it being St. Jude of …well, just look at it. I thought it was funny.

====bonus feature====oldjoke

( all my jokes are old)

Girl at confession: Father, I’ve committed the most terrible sin.
I look into the mirror and I say to myself,
‘Molly, you’re the prettiest girl in all the world.’
Priest: Get away with you, Molly!
That’s not a terrible sin. That’s just a mistake.

It is ROX Populi, because she Rox of course;)…yeah, I knew that… my fingers just slipped or my eyes didn’t focus. Or, or I wasn’t paying attention…….

but I appreciate the correction.

3 thoughts on “Something Well Spent-I just don’t know what”

  1. reminder to self: don’t mess with peoples trackbacks: turn off pings or edit in draft mode ( that is what it is for)

    I really messed with Vox Populi site with spam-look trackbacks. My bad…badbadbad.

  2. No prob with the trackbacks. Happens to the best of us. But you may want to re-check the name of the blog you’re tracking back to.

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