Sometimes You Get More Than You Want

When it comes to knowing what is going on…sometimes you really don’t want to know. The debate would be over whether you need to know. I don’t know under which heading this qualifies but if you are interested in plotting the inner working of political groups… I thought this was in interesting post:

My purpose was to show a simple diagram of their money and connections to Left Wing causes. Simple? No way. -Oraculations


First, each and every Leftist group literally controls the Google search sites containing their names. They do this by flooding each and every site with “Links” to one another. The result is that there will be as many as 25 Google entries that praise your search target before you may find something that evaluates the target or is critical.

Second, these groups are incestuous. People from one group will appear on ten or more other groups, some of which are honest. Their tenticles slither into every nook and cranny of Left Life: enviornmental, labor, anti-war, anti-NAFTA, secularism, and so on. Their pupose is clearly to divert attention from their main goals which are the destruction of our economic system and the destruction of Republican Democracy.

Go ahead… read the whole thing… it’s …interesting…. as they say.

I came upon the O guy through Maxed Out Mama who had linked to this post which really is very funny, but has some vulgarities ( if you are sensitive to that- just so you know).