Soy Latte?

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Been to Keely’s lately? If not, your loss. More artful writing than soapbox. I have just one question: what’s the draw in soy latte? Isn’t that something like melted tofu to lighten one’s coffee?

I know. I am so gauche. But Keely is not…. you will like! I don’t understand her dreams, though.

4 thoughts on “Soy Latte?”

  1. You deserve more traffic…not that I’m the one to provide it, but a link is a link…. and anyway I want to know what is great about soy latte and if you have interpretations of those dreams;)

  2. LOL.

    Soy Lattes are just like regular lattes, just with soy milk. I think they taste better, and you get that “added benefit” of soy protein. I just like how they taste.

    The dreams – ahhhh – the tornado is a recurring dream – but I added some literary fiction into it – was more funwriting that way. The tornado is supposed to represent a crisis or personal disaster – I’m not sure why I always help people – I haven’t found the answer for that yet.

    Thanks again Ilona –

  3. I’ll take you word for it that soy tastes better than dairy.

    I was curious about the dreams – I also have that type, both the tornado and the saving people ( often savng children)…. so I just wondered if you had some insights on it.

    -I appreciate your thoughts.

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