Stop Already

I just saw a computer graphic with a traditional-style pic of Jesus that read “Jesus was a Liberal -Feed the Hungry Heal the Sick”. It bothered me.

What is this but the cheapening of the gospel and a punning use of the name of Jesus Christ?

Because Jesus wasn’t partisan. He wasn’t either traditional or liberal or conservative or a revolutionary. He was more.

And during His ministry He didn’t cheapen Himself for any one political or religious party.

I know the maker of the graphic most likely felt it was both telling and witty.

But I am tired of this blabbering continuation of a truncated gospel.

‘Feeding the Hungry and Healing the Sick’ is only part of it….. and most likely the ones who most enjoy the poster child rendition of Christianity wouldn’t like the manner those activities should be carried out – as Jesus Christ would have it done- either.

Because He was very vocal about giving glory to God… and thanks to God….. and preaching all the while.
No, I don’t think He would well fit the American’s Liberal ideal at all.

It is a whole package deal and it ain’t a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian monopoly on salvation.

It is something more. Much more.