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Things that my husband and I are talking about:
Just a token article about a growing phenomenon, Growing gun buying, widening ammo shortage, there is huge backlog of demand for ammunition right now. This is another one of those background areas that thinking people need to pay attention to. I don’t believe this is just a ‘fringe’ or fly-by-night situation. There seems to be a growing number of people who are concerned enough about the direction of society and the government to take definitive action in arming themselves.

Several reasons I see:

  • The illustrated breakdown of civil society after Hurricane Katrina
  • The growing problem in Mexico with the importation of their gang and crime troubles into the US
  • The specter of the promises and pretty painted pictures turning sour as Democrats move their agenda forward, and resulting unrest and increased crime in the streets
  • A general loss of trust in the government
  • The rise of control and intervention beyond what the populace ever expected or can tolerate

Those are a few inter-related dynamics that are simmering.

IF our economy turns around, IF we develop a workable policy to deal with Mexican drug imports and their drug cartels, IF there is a convincing show of the government taking the interests of citizens to heart in things like privacy, property ownership (and help Americans feel fully represented by their government), I think there is hope. But that is a big order in today’s climate.

There are some very important issues arising these days besides those in that list. Not all have to do with the economy, which draws all attention at this time to itself (the Dow dropping below 7000 just today, and threatening to drop further). There are ethical issues, some of which waited in the background until just the opportunity they have today. One I am watching:Economic stimulus? Feds want your medical records

What about you? what is the topic of concern for your family and friends? what wshould we place in priority when we want our government to hear our voice?

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  1. Oooohhh… you’re reading my mind! I’m about to start a series of posts (well, maybe a post or two) on my recent purchase of a semi-automatic handgun.

  2. I’m not competent as a pacifist to comment on guns and ammo. My faith is too primitive. Even in the Army I had no choice but the Medical Service Corps.

    I did hit the link to World Net Daily and came immediately to the “LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER” feature and its concern with electronic health records privacy. My first reaction was “Where was that concern during the warrantless wire taps discussion?” Most privacy violation complaints then came from the camp that elected the man now obliquely called “Big Brother.” Ironic.

    The “opt-out” choice made me curious. Opting out of electronic medical records obviously would extend to Medicare. A few people are well off enough not to care, but most of us won’t opt out of Medicare when the time comes.

  3. In my opinion the previous administration paved the way for what we have now and the direction we are heading.

  4. It’s possible that the way it is written there were loaded statements, but I see the “Big Brother” as the overweening interest of government in general and not representing an individual.

    “most of us won’t opt out of Medicare when the time comes” is not the end of the thought process here. Neither is the look back at former wire tap activities.

    For one thing health care affects almost everyone almost all of the time. People talk about the choice between being able to eat and being able to afford health care… but what about having to make a choice between ones personal sovereignty and health care? The questions that are arising in the strings tied to the new health care policy proposals are those connected with reducing a persons rights in perhaps fundamental ways.

    Well, Rusty, that is interesting…which blog are going to post on? New Covenant? I’d like to read your story and views.

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