Do You Like Women’s Bible Studies?

I went to the first “woman’s Bible study” that I have attended for a long time. I was among a number of women who stated that they did not particularly care for these… but we were there, and it was probably partly due to the fact that our church is new and it matters whether you support things that are getting started. But it sort of got me thinking…for those of us who have turned off to women’s ministries, including the Bible studies, why is that? For one of the women who spoke up about her feelings, it was her lack of “emotional” approach- she just didn’t connect on that usual “feminine” basis. For me, I think it is that little promised has come through this means. I have loved studying the bible, but not in women’s groups so much…and it isn’t as if I haven’t tried. I’ve gone to plenty over the years.

This one is in the format that many of the more recent ones that I had attended had been: centered around a DVD with workbook lessons to use during the week. It is a “Beth Moore” program, the first I’ve ever listened to. Maybe one of her proffered observations about the way women treat women (not always kindly) is one basis for women who have been disappointed in women’s ministries.

Anyway, more for my daughter than myself, I will give it a shot and think a little more about how women’s ministries can be a benefit for those of us who attend them.

Have any thoughts on your own experience?