Changes, Shifts, and What’s Coming

September 11, 2001 changed everything. Our lives and our nation will never be the same.

Did we learn from 9-11? We did. Did we learn sufficiently? We did not.

The huge catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina has vastly shifted our direction in this nation. It, too, has produced changes for all of us as individuals. It is not completely apparent yet, but time will show the extent of these changes. Our view of government, and of our cities, is going to be permanently affected.

What’s to come? If we do not change our ways, the attitudes we hold, the wrongs we tolerate and the reforms we refuse… things will become much worse. I believe our enemies are energized and planning to take advantage. And I do not believe the natural disasters are over for this time. See all those blog posts with suggestions on how to be prepared?

Heed them. Take notes and prepare. The Doctor Is In a good one.

And see that announcement for national prayer on September 16th? Do us all a favor, humble yourself and pray that day. Offer some prayers for those harmed by Katrina’s devastation, for wisdom for our leaders, for all who give help and aid, for those in our military forces, for our people to have backbone, for our future and for our children.

That should get you started, and if we are diligent to pray, we will see mercy and answers.

Looking Into The Future

The turn of the year fairly begs for it, and many would oblige, but can one think of a more futile occupation? We are all would-be prognosticators. We pry and plan, but who can foresee the future in truth? God-given prophecy is in bits and pieces, even, and it is said of those prophets that they peered in vain to try to see what the meaning of the messages were.

One thing I have learned is that things take strange turns. Life is stranger than fiction is more a truth than many other things we might observe. We can’t possibly imagine or make up events more strange than how they often turn out.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t track things and guess at outcomes…we just can’t count on our conclusions is all.

I read through some tongue in cheek and some rather serious predictions in a couple of blogs.. with the new year’s advance I expect to read more. But the real oddity is that in all the predictions the real prophets among us are often the most ignored. Why is that? They are lost in the fluff and the flurry of all the prophetic confetti.

Yet there is guidance to be had. God gives it, and that alone is to be trusted. It is hidden in meaning oftentimes, but it can be understood with seeking. Think of Daniel. The answers are always found in seeking God and the meaning of His message.

Can we? Shall we?

It will dictate the direction of our life, whether we may make our way, or be swept along in it.
the strangest things…or how I dreamt of a tsunami…
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