For Nathan

…although I hold doubts he’ll see it… it is for him.

Hope you like the video. Hope you do something good for someone today, because what goes around, comes around eventually.

U2 – I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight from David OReilly on Vimeo.

A New Time, A New Season

Blow the dust off the clock. Your watches are behind the times. Throw open the heavy curtains which are so dear to you – you do not even suspect that the day has already dawned outside.
~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn

excerpt from Critical Mass
by Mario Murillo:

America is spiritually dying because God has sales reps and not channels of His glory. We feverishly do the right things, almost as a bribe to postpone the needed pouring out of ourselves as a living sacrifice. Again we must no longer see the bad things as barriers to revival, but the seemingly good. We can’t dole out precious ointment to the poor in doses that don’t cure them or honor God. We must be poured out on God! Spiritual awakening means that the faithful become fiery, the decent become dynamic, and the acceptable become excellent. But, most of all, we become disgusted with our evil, and totally dissatisfied with our good. We realise that now is the time to pull out all the stops. No program is sacred, no worthy project is worth enough. None of the ointment can be spared. It is revival or death!

Jesus spoke a parable to the spiritually numb: you know how to discern the weather by looking at the color of the sky, but you don’t know how to discern the times you live in.

Perhaps we are all caught up with our busy lives, or maybe we are worried about the economy and how to make ends meet, or the clamors of war, or the talking heads constantly warning us about global flu epidemics, all of which have some form of importance or another …whatever the reason… we are distracted from considering the realities around us that have eternal significance.

I don’t think that I have ever, previously, experienced such a time of competition for faith in the Lord, and of choosing to believe His words over the contradictions of situations and other voices with other messages as I am now experiencing. I know only one antidote: “Be still, and know that I AM God”.

This year I fasted regularly between the beginning of Lent and Easter. Maybe by telling the world this I lose what gain it might have given me, I don’t know, but it gave me insight to how much further there is to go and how much more I need to apply myself to God’s way and truth. It opened my eyes a bit to His power. I also faced greater interference and opposition spiritually than before… or maybe was made more aware. I can’t say which, but I can say that I’ve awakened to the need to pursue God in a determined way, and to see Him bring the deliverance that is needed for people and situations. Bribes don’t work with God, procrastinations don’t work with a certain future, and we must see this. It is time to set the watches to the right time, and give heart wholeheartedly to what is before us.

I pray we have the heart of Jesus, who saw the glory. He saw the glory, and despised the shame and the trial of the cross. He loved the one and the other was nothing to be esteemed in His sight. The one life was everything, and all else had no value. I pray we have that sort of heart and that sort of vision.

Lies I Was Told

In the discussion on parenting styles, Mommy Wars (working moms vs. SAHM), twixter woes, and related topics, I thought I would list some of the lies I was told in my own generation ( tail-end of babyboomer). They went like this:

  • Don’t have more than two or three children
  • divorce is better for the kids than unhappy parents
  • You can’t afford more than two or three children
  • Making a home doesn’t count, having a stylish home base does
  • You are only as worthwhile as the paying job you hold
  • Being with children deadens your mind
  • You have power to mold your children contrary to any other factor
  • You will not be able to wait til they are in school!
  • You will have a life again as soon as your children are in another’s care
  • Your generation is different- and better
  • Old fashioned mores aren’t applicable anymore

Those were just the ones I grew up with, after becoming a Christian I took on a few more lies:

  • Children need discipline starting early- show them who is boss by making them “cry it out”( leaving them in the crib)
  • Your children should be exemplary examples of what you can do with them
  • They, and you, need to “act right” – the way the great WE deem best
  • Christian women who ‘work’ are better than Christian women who don’t
  • Volunteer for everything you can
  • Be at church every time the door opens
  • Don’t have so many children that it crimps your volunteer availability
  • Christians who dress right and dress well and who have children who do, are better
  • Women ought to shut up- especially you

The thing is, you have to wade through lies that don’t appear to be lies …everyone else is giving their lives to the same prospects…and you are all on one great lemming run together. Along the way are interventions of revelations, stop-and-view-the-results moments, harrowing experiences of seeing other people’s lives fall apart, and some honest looks at what your Bible really says; along with reading historical accounts of people and hearing speakers that found insights into alternatives. Supported with actual results.

But sadly, those last two examples are few, most is “live and learn”. It seems the norm for humans to go through phases of reassessment. In fact, maybe all these discussions on twixters? Maybe those are the reassessments of the thirty, forty and fifty somethings of today. Who are ready to give the very best five years of their lives to raising those ungrateful kids… and then feel they deserve a grand retirement with all the frills as compensation. Like their moms and dads received.


But, you know, life as we have known it in the past couple decades seems like an unusual blip on the history of the generations being responsible for and to each other. There is so much out of balance that the corrections look like they will be very harsh. I hope not, but I think that it will take more honesty than the present discussion has given forth. It will take more than snarky Simonisms, tongue-clucking, and slick commentary.

Perhaps it will take a social valor we find uncommon, in finding the course and staying true- with all the sacrifice that means for our own little kingdoms and fairy tale castles in the air. I am not sure we have the heart for it, to tell the truth.

Our lies have made us so comfortable….not unlike our kids……