Teach Your Children Well

What do you teach your children? What sorts of things do they soak up from your example in relationships and practical, important areas of life like handling money and directing their financial future? We imprint them with more of how we live in these areas of life than we verbally teach them. I wonder if some of that doesn’t come from the familial need to identify. To reject wrong thinking is somehow disassociating ourselves from the family group.

The Biblical concept of being teachable would help us in both the teaching and learning aspects of our families. We under rate the influence of our living habits, both in consequence and in setting example for others. I think it all boils down to the point that my pastor made in a recent sermon: the parable of building upon the right foundation is absolutely key to having a life that withstands storms and pressures. The foundation dug into the rock is nothing more than simple obedience to the commands and teachings of the Lord.

It is just that simple.

All the other stuff are just teaching aids to the main lesson.