Take A Walk On The Wild Side

[Breakfast: leftover shishkabob from yesterday’s Memorial cookout with coffee, lots of coffee] -ilona

oh. my.

Remember how awhile back I said I wanted to know more of what is going on outside my sphere? I did not mean this.

I am trying to figure out if it is for real or a parody. I’m really, really afraid it is for real.

You know, we have lots to think about when we say “America”. We tend to look at the facet we best like or that most concerns us. But I’m thinking,”OK, how much do I consider this self-absorbed trivaility loving part of the population? ”

You know, the Paris Hilton’s of the world who I tend to laugh off as some media image. This stereotype of teen movies.

They are out there…. and they have souls.


And then I’m thinking “are these the people who write the media I read and listen to?”

and oh yes, one more thing, I hate edamame. I just will never be mainstream chic. I must have been born in the shadow of a gothic building… must have.

but I suppose these sorts of blogs are the way to familiarize yourself with the latest buzz words, foods, and fads.

My only question is …WHY?

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