Technology Joy

My blogroll is back! YAY! They must have fixed their database. Firefox is a lost cause, but I will read suggestion. Spent way too much time dealing with spammers, Peter Back
Alexander Kolt
John Reed
Nicolas Trumen
Kelly Ronald

who junked up my blog over the past few months and the past week, especially.

Don’t you hate these spammers? JUST HATE THEM? I hope google lists them as top spammers in the industry. Worse than Texas hold em. Well, this is all the space I will give them… I’ll just keep plugging away at the delete and ban IP activities.

3 thoughts on “Technology Joy”

  1. Ilona,

    You’re using MT, right? If the good folks at are willing, I would suggest getting them to install James Seng’s S-Code plugin. Since I’ve installed it, I have had no comment spam. That’s right – zip, zilch, nada.

    For more details see here.

    Now, trackback spam is another story, but I use MT-Blacklist for that.

  2. I’ve looked over my admin area and I haven’t found anyof the blacklist or other plugins. There is probably some arcane tech reason we don’t have them, or I just don’t know how to get access… so I laboriously delete.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say that it is not me doing the spamming (since that would really make no sense, since these spams point to random posts and I am not selling anything) but some spammer is using legit addresses to muddy up blacklists I believe. Spam sucks

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