Tell Me Again, Why Should I Trust You?

Parableman wrote about it, Wizbang has something related, and some Zookeeper @ the Common Room had some things to say.

You have medical facts you say…. research data…. so why can’t I trust your reports and advice on this?

Why do we have this problem…. of conflicting reports on data that is important to making health decisions and habits? why do we have a difficult time assessing the application of information we are given? It is more than the ever changing new info, it is the reworking and layering on of agenda that makes it difficult to trust what you are told, whether by the press or by your doctor. And with good reason, you must sometimes doubt them.

We have to take personal responsibility for our health decisions, this is an area we can’t just leave in the caretaker hands of experts anymore. We need solid sources of factual medical information.

And we have to take personal resonsibility to find out the whole story when told to view science through political glasses.

but it gets hard to find, sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Tell Me Again, Why Should I Trust You?”

  1. Hi Ilona,
    Thanks for coming by my site. I think you have good point – why should we trust something that changes monthly? Why would they purposely report conflicting results?
    I think they should build a base of information and then tell us why its relevant as well. We know being overweight taxes all our other systems. So why is the CDC telling us again? What changed and how do they expect us to use the new information?
    Interesting post…

  2. “build a base of information and then tell us why its relevant”

    Now there is an excellent idea! And why should it be so hard to accomplish? Why hasn’t this happened yet?

  3. You are so right, Ilona. ‘Cause statistics lie and lie some more. The results are not based on facts but on social and political agendas starting with biased thinking, warped research, and ending with political spin-doctoring.

  4. Roberta, it really is a problem, because I think we need to think more and more in terms of preventative measures for our health choices. Medical care as we have known it is getting out of reach for the common man… at least those of us outside the welfare system.

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