The Anchoress » Baked Oatmeal; it’s like eating Christmas!

After a number of years of cooking you get to know -just from reading a recipe- whether something is worthwhile to add to your cooking repetoire. My bets are on this recipe that The Anchoress posted. When you have loads of your family in for the holidays you want something yummy and simple and capable of feeding a large group for breakfast- and I am thinking especially of Christmas morning breakfast. This promises to substitute for the sausage casserole and far surpass it.

Large families take note! Delicious, good for you, and sounds easy. The Anchoress has done me a service in posting this recipe. I’ll let you know the feedback 😉 after it makes its debut on the gathered family table.

The Anchoress » Baked Oatmeal; it’s like eating Christmas!
a steaming bowl of something slightly crusty on top, moist below, served with hot milk on the side. It smelled heavenly, and I took a spoonful and thought, “dear Lord…this is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted…” It was oatmeal, but it had apples and cranberries and walnuts in it, and brown sugar and raisins and cinnamon…and I took another taste and said to Buster, “this is like eating Christmas! It’s just unreal!”

( and no… it is not too early to think about Christmas holidays )

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