The Big Stuffed Straw Bogeyman

The Corner on National Review Online

“The “God spot” on Radio Four Thursday morning was delivered by the (Anglican) Bishop of Southwark. He fiercely condemned Islamic extremists who blow up people on buses, then just as fiercely (my impression was a bit more fiercely) condemned those “other extremists, self-styled ‘Christians,’ who look forward to a nuclear war because they believe it will bring on the Rapture.” This is a bishop in the established church, with a seat in the House of Lords. He probably speaks for millions.” -John Derbyshire

More confusion. Where to start? How about here: the Rapture is not predicated on any thing man does… nuclear war couldn’t bring on the Rapture.

Where do people get this stuff? A better question…how does someone supposedly trained in the church have no better idea of what is being taught on this?