The changes in blogging

I can’t recall where I read it, (perhaps it will come to me later) but the point was made that since the blogosphere has boomed and is reaching what was opined to be some maturity ( in form), that now the personal diary form will drop in popularity and those that have a niche in topic or are particularly informative will rise.

That is probably true, but if it follows the format of the static personal/business website, it will also be a loss in richness of form. Those that are highly popular for those reasons sort of flatten out in homogenized sameness. Because that is what appeals to th elargest number of people, even though it is not as highly appealing in itself.

We see this in lots of things, but the arts particularly. The Muzak of music, the Pop Advertising of art, the Cheap novel of writing.

Many of the most sensitive and original of writers tend to be those who burn out in the scrabble of putting together not only words, but policies, and dealing with trends in public communication. Not that I’m an expert, just observations from experience over time as I moved from my first enamored surfing to my present efforts here.