The Face of Politics Today

First off, O’Connor is retiring as judge. Now we will see how sincere the Democrats are in brokered compromise on filibuster. We will also have a chance to see what the court will look like with the choices of President Bush. Maybe we will see this horrible Kelo decision rescinded- although not before it has time to do terrible damage ( That’s right, I will NEVER get over this… I will NEVER resign to Kelo).

They have that dead pool thing, which I don’t play, but it might be a good guess that Rehnquist will die in th ecoming year. Based on the threescore and ten and the fact that he is fighting cancer.

If you are a praying person, you should be praying for your leaders right now. It is a pivotal time.

On the filibustering: I half hope the Democrats don’t come through so the compromisers on the issue get their just desserts. Schadenfreude? Sort of. One of those was a Senator from Ohio I would love to see replaced. The Republicans in Ohio have been a terrible disappointment ( to me) for the most part. The only good thing is their comparison with this states Democrats. And that ain’t good.

And the Republicans here in Ohio are downright arrogant. That is probably the root of all the other problems…..

There are mixed reactions to President Bush’s speech of the other day. I personally felt it was simply the administration recognizing the precariousness of the will of the people at this time. It was a plea to hold the line and stay the course.

There is the PR game of trying to pin down whether Iraq had anything to do with Al Quaeda or not prior to the Iraq War. I know in politics image is everything, I am just not sure whether this is the point to emphasize. It’s a forensic endeavor, but that has nothng to do with what the politicians are determined to do. Which is play at one-upmanship.

Andrew C. McCarthy,a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies says this:

So Gergen, Reid, the Times, and the rest are “offended” at the president’s reminding us of 9/11? The rest of us should be offended, too. Offended at the “nothing whatsoever” crowd’s inexplicable lack of curiosity about these ties, and about the answers to these questions.

Just tell us one thing: Do you have any good answer to what Ahmed Hikmat Shakir was doing with the 9/11 hijackers in Kuala Lampur? Can you explain it?

If not, why aren’t you moving heaven and earth to find out the answer?

I was reading over at Southern Appeal today, and Hootsbuddy’s link to Abu Khaleel yesterday. These are the inspirations for my post.