The Good Heritage

I complained a bit about Reformed doctrine, but really I appreciate its solid adherence to the sola scriptura viewpoint.

My grandfather was a minister of the Hungarian Reformed Church, and when he died I remember a mourner saying to me that I had received a wonderful heritage. I had.

In reading a bizarre news case…involving yet another cult that derived from a former Assembly of God base… I can’t help but wonder what has made that so fertile for some of these aberrations.

My historical research indicates that when scripture is not given sufficent weight upon the teaching and the practice… aberrations are what follow.

It is not that experiential faith is bad… it is that we are so prone to error, without the anchor within sola scriptura the entire ship drifts, sometimes most dangerously. There is no call for excoriating the emotional, but there are too many illustrations of emotion gone bad in church history.

Not that this fully explains yet another truly bizarre turn of a church. That makes me groan inwardly…. it also makes me think that, as Christians, we are going to have to get hold of ourselves. Become more accountable in the faith.