The Greatest Sin?

Is sounding stupid and somewhat anti-intellectual the greatest sin? You’d think so, at times. People with great investment in their view of themselves as intelligent or intellectual will writhe and twist, and take any alternative necessary to preserve their status as such, it seems.

Even I hold on to tattered remains of being a “thinking person”.

But for all the blather about Christianity on the one side or t’other of this, there are times when you have to become as a child. You aren’t going to have all the answers or you will find yourself in a morass of being….. an intellectual ass. Spiritually speaking. Is that spiritually speaking? It is.

I moved away from some very erudite postings on an argument about whether Christ’s atonement was substitutionary. Oh. My. God. I don’t usually say that… but it applies. I just simply clicked away from the page. Sometimes it is like believe it or don’t believe it, but don’t analyze it into utterly insipid meaninglessness.

I know that is a favorite intellectual diversion, but in things of God…. why not admit to insuffiency if that is appropriate?

Sometimes we are insufficient to the task. OK. It is easy for me to admit the insuffiency of my intellectual stature. But there are times it should just be obvious… belaboring all the niggling little bits of grammatical nuance, etc. Sometimes if all is said and done and you are just back at where you started, it was really alot of todo about nothing. You didn’t really make a point, but you sure had fun while it lasted.

And got to sound erudite in the process. Perhaps that is all it really was about….

A great waste. Of course that is my own opinion… and thus worth little except to moi. But there it is …oh, mice and men.