The Morning After

Election Day is over. It looks like President Bush takes it, although, here in Ohio, it will become Lawyer Central for awhile.

It is very close, but Ohio is not likely to have all those yet uncounted votes in Kerry’s pocket. I had an easy time voting ( I blogged about it in SpicedTea ).

The Democrats took a beating, generally, and you would think they would consider how out of sync they are with the general public. Exit polls in Florida indicated that many were voting against Bush more than for Kerry [in those that voted Kerry], and they lost seats in the legislature. I guess in troubled times people want to vote for something more than they want to risk agendas cobbled together and glued with protest.

Just surmising.

The important thing ahead for Americans is to work through the future challenges. It would be a normal reaction for those who voted and hoped in a losing candidate to lose a little heart, but I hope they don’t get too discouraged. They can still have their say in the processes ahead. I mean the voters who were motivated to shake off their usual apathy. There had to be lots of those for the numbers to swell as they did. Rivaling, if not surpassing, 1960. ( That’s what I’ve read, anyway).

Although now I am looking to see how much anger there is, and what avenue it will take. After the high passion of the election year, there will be anger that gets channeled in some way or another, or makes an outlet of expression.

And I suppose we will need to brace for the backlash of Islamic Fundamentalism. They threatened it, and we will see how it goes. I know those tapes stiffened my backbone, but then I am sort of contrarian by nature.

In a way, some of this sort of waiting is what I would liken to that of hurricanes that are predicted. You batten down and wait it out, and then do what you can about the damage, if it arrives. And Pray.

Praying seems like a good activity for us at this point. We need wisdom and strength for whatever is ahead.

As for me… on the blog… I think I will take the advice of writing what you know. And I have come across quite a bit that is brewing in what some have termed “The Mommy Wars”. Interesting term, that, don’t you think? But mommy issues are something I know.

So keep tuned.