The Nature of Unmitigated Hatred

Shalom from the Boskeys

“It is the essence of anti-Semitism, as it is the essence of all prejudice, to call its object its cause. But if you explain anti-Semitism as a response to Jews, and racism as a response to blacks, and misogyny as a response to women, then you have not understood it. You have reproduced it” (Leon Wieseltier, “Israel, Palestine and the Return of the Bi-National Fantasy” The New Republic, Oct 24 2003).

To put it simply, anti-Semitic attacks are not on the rise because of bad Jews. Anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise because bad anti-Semitic people are doing more and more bad things. No matter how much Jewish people and Israelis change their behavior, anti-Semitic attacks will grow. -Avner Boskey