The New Blogging?

I was reading over at small victory because she is so popular and on lots of bloglists. I just like to see what it is that other people like. I think I might like her too, but I don’t have my head around that yet ( I may be neutral, who knows? but she is a cut above most); the real reason to link up here is… no not what you think, you terrible sceptic… I thought maybe she is on to something here in this post. It is compendium of all the posts she had in mind to blog about, condensed into single sentences. Lately, I have lots of appreciation and respect for that concept, being an idea person, myself.

I wonder if it could fly? On a regular basis, I mean. Maybe not. Maybe that would be one step away from the link blogs, which is already a usual form of blog…oh well, just a thought.

It is true that blogging becomes time consuming. right now I would likely blog my life away, just because I am sort of into it. It doesn’t matter if people read, just the exercise of developing carpel tunnel is enough return. The whole idea of escaping to inner worlds, which are enough to drive you crazy in usual amounts, gets exponentially multiplied as you read your own posts over and over…. wait. You don’t do that? I only do it for typos….;) everyone who knows me online knows I am a sucker for typos.

Look, this is already too long for a blog, see you next time in the same place at a later time. I think, next, I will post on moss removal hints for those who blog like me. ( Maybe on easy crumb removal from the keyboard *tip the keyboard upside down every once in awhile and things like that).