The Politics of Force

I visit Atlas Shrugs quite bit of late. To be truthful I find thinking about and dealing with the “Muslim question” to be onerus. Yet I am compelled because I think it is the one driving question of our time. It is affecting everything.

If “moderate” ( there are those quotes again) Muslims would take note of the wind they would see the large stakes of silence for them. A wise man sees the danger coming. There are enough evil spokesmen for Islam ( see what the Egyptian father of one of the London bombers is saying). And stirring up hordes of hate is a stirring with a sword that cuts two ways. It is time for Muslims to develop a power of moderation within their ranks now, or cast their lots with the Islamofascists.

If you want a good overview of the options that are being viewed as reasonable, read through this article at Jihad Watch. If you look closely, while Tancredo remark about nuclear force is moderated, it isn’t cast aside. It is held as last resort, implicitly, while the suggested alternatives are a stark contrast to the freedom we have had and offered in our society.

And that means a couple things. One is that more people see the jihadist threat as feasibly holding the capability of nuclear damage within the borders. If you want to see how the West responds to such perceived threats you don’t have to look very far- that is how we entered this Iraq war.

The other thing is that we are all being moved towards politics of force. While I remember well the mentality of bomb shelters and drills, it is not a Cold War situation we are looking at here. It is a hot war, and I don’t know what that means. I do not want to know. It is time to get serious about compelling people to think, before the dam breaks.

I really dislike using such dramatic language. But I have to say I see the lines being drawn in much the way that is expressed here:

Eventually, terror, used as an instrument of Jihad, will alert enough Infidels to the permanent problem of Jihad, of all the instruments of Jihad, including that of demographic conquest and Da’wa, and lead inexorably to an understanding that the Muslims in their midst, allowed in by political elites who were either indifferent, or mesmerized by the Idols of the Age, those unexamined assumptions about how Everyone Wants the Same Thing and All Religions Are Alike. Those Muslims may be “moderate” or “immoderate,” and the “moderation” may be real, or feigned, permanent or temporary, immune to, or susceptible to, being jettisoned whenever setbacks or depressive fits or any of the ills that flesh and spirit are heir to, may cause a “moderate” Muslim, or even a “Muslim-for-identification-purposes-only” Muslim, to throw off that “moderation” and morph in Jekyll-into-Hyde fashion, into someone ready to blame the Infidels.

What is happening is that there are no real points of identification. And I am not talking about ID cards. I have to think more about it, but in some ways it is similar to the Stalinist imposition of terrorism plus questioned loyalty. In such an environment reason is thrown out the window and everyone is suspect. It is a powerful force to make people align into polarized camps of the strictest degree.

The ‘you are with us or against us’, indeed.

My own advice: if you love the law-abiding and humane Muslims you know, stop encouraging them to think that a victim stance with its laundry list of grievances against the West will help them in this time. It will blind them to the very real efforts they need to make to coalesce and find their own voice within their groups and communities. Someone has to stop the Jihadists. And some tough love within the Muslims own community is being called for, looked for, and examined.

I have heard it said that a jihad nuclear bomb will change our lives as we know them.

After reading this article, I have news. I think this is already a given, since the London bombing. It is written in the sand and upon the wall right now, but it is as sure if it were engraved in the stone of our civilization. The change has been made, we will simply see the manifestation of it and whether it is delayed or accelerated.

It won’t take much to accelerate.

I know people hate to hear prophets of doom. It isn’t as if we can do nothing, but what is certain is that we better do things quickly and with conviction if we intend to deterr a rather harsh change in our society.

Atlas Shrugs: What We Can Do Instead Of Bombing Mecca

What We Can Do Instead Of Bombing Mecca

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Jihad Watch Board Vice President Hugh Fitzgerald offers some suggestions.

Read this article, and understand what is being discussed.

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