The Strange Woman, or The Seduction of America

The pornification of America

…it’s not exactly stop-the-presses material that sex sells. It always has — for beer, for convertibles, for linoleum — and it probably always will.

What is new and troubling, critics suggest, is that the porn aesthetic has become so pervasive that it now serves as a kind of sensory wallpaper, something that many people don’t even notice anymore. The free-speech-versus-censorship debates that invariably surround actual pornography do not burn as hot when the underlying principles of porn are filtered more subtly into the mainstream. And those principles, critics say, often involve reducing women to subjugated sex objects while presenting men in dominant roles.

Braving the inevitable accusations of prudery — which they reject — critics such as Paul are sounding the alarm. They say the current hypersexualized climate distorts the attitudes of young people toward sex and relationships. In particular, they contend it has a damaging effect on the self-image of young women and girls, who are confronted with a culture that objectifies them while disguising it as female empowerment.

Where’s Andrea Dworkin when you need her?

We don’t have any Andrea Dworkin’s today. No performance artists illustrating just how damaging the proliferation of pornography is in actuality. We are a nation of lackadaisical ho-hummers who don’t at all mind being left alone to wallow in our spiraling moral decline. No one to shock us into waking up to something that is eroding the status of women.

We are happy to tsk-tsk over the younger generations promiscuity in school rooms and their proclivity to buy outrageous ( to some of us) fashions… but to actually do anything about the root of the problem… the philosophy and thinking behind this rise in acceptance and promotion of pornography? Ho-hum. Next topic…

H/T Matt Rosenberg

Postscript: the title reference, “Strange” women is a Biblical one. It was the woman who was removed from the full participation in a wholesome society. She represented the demi-monde seducing society into deceits and stolen lives.

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Hebrew word:
1. to be strange, be a stranger
1. (Qal)
1. to become estranged
2. strange, another, stranger, foreigner, an enemy (participle)
3. loathsome (of breath) (participle)
4. strange woman, prostitute, harlot (meton)
2. (Niphal) to be estranged
3. (Hophal) to be a stranger, be one alienated

Also translated,
NAS (77) – adulteress, 4; alien, 2; aliens, 2; another, 2; enemies, 1; estranged, 4; foreign, 2; foreigners, 2; illegitimate, 1; layman, 9; offensive, 1; outsider, 2; satisfied, 1; strange, 11; strange thing, 1; strange things, 1; stranger, 7; strangers, 22; turned away, 1; unusual, 1;

Why is Porn a Problem for America?

One thing we pride ourselves on is freedom. And one of the freedoms we most pride ourselves on is that of the opportunity for and high view of women, their abilities, their potential, their equal rights in society.

In contrast we have an attitude that ranges from concern to digust in the face of the low estate of women in societies, especially Islamaic societies, that degrade and oppress women. But here we have an open doorway that not only mimics all the degradation we purport to disapprove, but creates the type of moral vacuum that fairly invites such rigid systems of Islamic responses such as Shari’a law. As paradoxical as that seems , it works in that manner, primarily because of the pendulum effect within societies. The correction is often simply a coin-side of the same problem whiplashing from side to side until something holds it stable or raises the consensus to a different plane. That is usually something quite hardwon in the area of a basic philosophical change. It takes generations to produce, and so if one has something worthwhile in the world view, or the societal consensus it is worth working hard to preserve.

And this is why “pornification” is so threatening, it threatenes to damage the underpinnings of our view of women’s equality and personhood. Objectification often goes hand in hand with rationale to abuse and exploit.

And in the larger view of society, it isn’t just a subgroup of women who suffer that, ultimately it is the whole group.