The surprise side of blogging

Here is a post whose time has come: not just about the blogging- the design or the content, but the fact that blogging at its best is interactive. Perhaps you have to stay somewhat small to really have this factor in as an important part of your blogging, but at some point bloggers find themselves nodding their heads as they read “Lorelle on WordPress” as she writes her thoughts on comments.

I breathed a deep sigh after reading her post: “She understands”. I personally need that sort of connection every once in awhile.

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Comments on Comments

“Comments change how you write and what you write.

….People could question what I said. They could make me think and reconsider my point of view.

…The biggest change on the Internet in the past three years is the “we” factor. We’re not just interconnected with links, we are now having a dialog with each other. We make recommendations on what to read and write about. We share our thoughts and opinions.”

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