The Tale of Two

Jesus Creed: Particular and Local


The Barking Dingo: An attempt to hijack Christianity

Two articles that are useful for reading together and using to look at what each is saying.

4 thoughts on “The Tale of Two”

  1. Just as you noted WRT my blog, Ilona, I don’t exactly fit in here on yours. But I wanted to tell you that I read your comments on SC&A and you have an interesting way of looking at things. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your visit and time to comment:)

    yes, it is what either makes me entertaining or infuriating, depending upon your standpoint at the time.

    But I would say that because I welcome you here….of course you fit! You’d be surprised what types of people fit here…. but not too many people comment, so perhaps we will never have this idea of mine refuted.

  3. Your intellect might be intimidating to many, Ilona. I mean that as a compliment, of course. Please don’t lower your standards, as a certain first lady recently did!

  4. I’ve read about that- people are truly in a snit about it…. it just goes to show how careful you have to be about changing tone, and how certain demeanors don’t mesh with the position of leadership role.

    And thanks for the compliment, but time on the internet has shown me my intellect is not very intimidating, really- but my tenacity…. yes, maybe that has its own type of teeth.

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