There Are Times You Have To Mention Nazis

James Dobson is absolutely, unequivocally right – Jeff

No matter how great the scientific benefit, or how a utilitarian bean-counter may wish to compare human cost/benefit ratios, it is obvious (to sane people at least) that such advancements are not worth the toll on humanity.

In a statement, Focus on the Family Action Senior Bioethics Analyst Carrie Gordon Earll said the analogy comparing the Nazi human experiments conducted during WWII and today’s embryonic stem-cell research is “historically and ethically accurate and appropriate.”

“If any apologies are due,” she explained, “it’s the advocates of destructive research using embryonic humans who should be apologizing to their fellow members of the human family. It is never morally or ethically acceptable to intentionally destroy one human in the hopes of saving another — regardless of the age and location of the human to be sacrificed for research.


As for myself, if someone were to offer me some cure or life-saving benefit at the expense of the life of another taken forcibly, my answer would not be “No” – it would be “Hell no!” God help us all if we continue down this morally repugnant road to infanticide and human experimentation. — Jeff Blogworthy