Things I Ignore

I ignore Michael Jackson. I am tired of seeing his face on all the news media- I refuse to read the articles anymore. Who puts money on the idea he will ever go to jail? He’ll just wear out the opposition. and somehow we will see that evil clown face more often. No, no sympathy.

I ignore infighting amongst online combatants. Who cares if so and so said who knows what. It’s all stupid.

I ignore pointed belittling remarks. I didn’t realize it until ‘Legally Blonde 2’ that I really admire that character’s ability to turn such around with her own take on the situation. At first I thought it was a silly movie, but then I started thinking about all the power we give nay-sayers. They don’t have support for what they say, they don’t carry true expertise or authority, but we give them power to steamroll over what we believe. I pay attention to what is important to believe and why, and now I ignore the belittlers. I only wish I was more brutally pollyannish about my own convictions. I must need more pink in my wardrobe or something.

I ignore the idea of everything having to be perfect. It seemed good for a number of years, mascarading as excellence -which I pay attention to- but I have found it to be a lying thief of my well-being. It is a counterfeit whose turn of the coin is excuses that no one and nothing can be perfect. -Which totally sidetracks the aim for excellence.

I ignore “what everybody does”. So what? Have fun…. without me.

That is all for now… I have to ignore this blog and all my pretended audience. Time to cast away the illusion and ask Cascade to take me away… the one bathroom in the house is finally free – and I can’t ignore that.

6 thoughts on “Things I Ignore”

  1. The wonderfully incongruent “brutally pollyannaish” rates right up there with “college education” and “jumbo shrimp.” And I am afraid that, try as you might, you are definitely not for pink. Or maybe I should say pink is not for you. I’ve always thought you were so much more clearly defined thana pastel. And I say that as a tremendous compliment.

  2. I agape you 🙂
    I don’t know if anyone noticed… but I should have said Calgon, Cascade is detergent for the dishwasher. ooops.

    Interesting thought- do we see people in colors in our mind? Are we influenced by packaging ( website colors)? Is this more than an online test idea…hmmm.

  3. I think I might copy this one! I ignore so many things that so many people think are worth their time and attention.

  4. Wasn’t going to say anything about that. being somewhat eccentric myself, I thought you were taking your bubble bath in the dishwasher.

    Hey, you’re entitled. Who am I to say differently?

  5. My mind glitches on me that way.

    It is probably the only time I get a laugh IRL. Did I tell you my sister washed her cat in the washer one time? For real! It was a mistake…but it made a great story ( Not the full cycle…of, course not the full cycle….)

    I take my bubble baths very seriously.

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