This And That

I decided to let the spammers have their day, but if they like Google so much I will let the google put their names together with the spamming they do. My blog- I can edit comments if I have to. So there. Like my posts so much now, Peter, Nicolas, Kelly, and Alexander? ARE THEY JUST SO COOL? 😉 Sir Spam s alot.

I am still cogitating. This Katrina disaster is so huge. There is an issue of rightly dividing the question of God’s judgment. To edit God out is not the answer… to lay blame or improperly define the situation is worse. I think it was a judgment and a warning, but one to us all.

There is alot of debate on whether it is a black, a racial, issue or not. I’ve read some rational responses to this, but again, I am not quick to jump on the band wagon of anyone. Were racial or cultural factors at work? Perhaps, but it cannot be looked at that alone, there are more influential factors in how it all turned so badly in the governmental responsibility of it. And beyond that, how much was due to selfish development- business- interests? And how much to other things, that are perhaps not even entering the discussion yet?

But I wouldn’t completely rule out that race wasn’t an issue here, even though I agree with the ideas from Rush Limbaugh that we are not in some suspended ’60s state. There have been many changes in racial balance in society from that time. Martin Luther King and those who blazed that trail did make progress, but to say that so much progress was made that there wasn’t a class problem that lead to leaving thousands to their own devices? I don’t think so. And I hate to say that, but I couldn’t look at the situation properly without honestly allowing for that consideration.

Well, those are some things I am thinking about.