This makes me cry

I don’t know why.

… I do know I can’t help but believe that God hears these crys… and something will happen because of it. What must be suffered in this struggle?
I think upon this part of the world, with its illustration of how we get locked into life and death grips… and I start to understand something about tragedy..

In Context

They came, men and women, children and babies, on foot, on crutches, in wheelchairs, in pushchairs, many sporting the trademark bright orange anti-disengagement shirts and ribbons; all gathering, in their words, “to cry out to their Father in heaven” to step in and prevent next week’s expulsion of thousands of Jews from their homes.

Cry out they did, their voices rising to the skies over the Mount of Olives as they sang and recited, swaying in prayer and emotion. . . .