This Will Get Me Blogging Again

Ok, I’ve been lax, lame, and what-have-you about actually getting a post up on my garden journal and here. That is ok for me, although it means real setbacks for the blogs… because who wants to wait forever for the odd post to come out? I mean who has time for that? Well, there is the rss feed ( sign up for blogs like mine… real people who singlehandedly try to keep these things going). And comment, please… nothing invigorates a blogger like some good conversation 🙂

Anyway, I came across a fun video, and thought I’m going to try that!

Pre-blogging Exercise routine: Get Your Blog On

6 thoughts on “This Will Get Me Blogging Again”

  1. I would have signed up for your garden one too, but I live in a great big block of flats and we don’t have a garden…

    1. You are truly a lovely friend 🙂 Perhaps you should try to find an allotment to work on with a friend or two. Very satisfying… if only to sit in the sun and pluck a weed or two, or eat a tomato off the vine.

  2. Oh, allotments are at a premium here! You would wait a long time, years, to get an allotment! I am very tempted though. My friend is thinking of signing up to a scheme where you help elderly people with their vegetable gardens, but you need a car for it, and I can’t drive.

    My mum grows her own vegetables but she lives in the country, so she has a garden. The home grown foods are the nicest I think…I would love to eat one of your tomatoes!

  3. I had no idea about such a wait for an allotment! I suppose you should sign up and see if it works out.

    No time to begin like the present- but I know that is sometimes easy to say, and challenging to follow through on. Still, being outdoors regularly in such an occupation as growing a few things is very restorative to the mind.

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