Thoughts from Michael Medved

World Magazine – Weekly News | Christian Views

Religious faith isn’t a zero-sum game: If my neighbor deepens his
Christian involvement, it subtracts nothing from my Jewish commitment.
In fact, in this wonderfully pluralistic country, the intensification
of Christian faith undoubtedly strengthens all religions.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts from Michael Medved”

  1. Michael Medved is a favorite writer and speaker of mine and lives nearby. Have a refreshing weekend, Ilona! All but one of my blessings are home for a visit!

  2. I envy you on all counts, bonnie! May your blessings all have a time of blessing-and how could they not!

  3. Perhaps it’s because I just came off a double-shift week and it’s still early so my philosophic cells haven’t kicked in yet, but…

    I don’t get it.

  4. Mark,hi! Don’t get what, the conversation or the linked article? The conversation was totally offtopic…

    You could start a discussion on the article if you wish:)

  5. I didn’t understand his point from the portion posted. ‘Course you’d think I’d have gone on to read the article so I could get it. D’uh! I’ve gotta drink more coffe in the am.

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