Thunder and Lightning and Rough Raiment

I won’t be long on this. It is lightning and thundering with terrible intensity and I am jumpy as I sit at the keyboard.

I was reading some well-crafted writing today, and my own writing fared sadly in comparison. I thought about how delighted we are with the smoothly honed phrase and the expressions that vivify and electify our imaginations.

It is a gift and a craft to lighten up the sky of someones mind. It is a soaring talent when done elegantly and graciously. But there are other sorts, maybe more earth bound, clothed in rough garments of bluntness and quite plain.

We sometimes look on those with an admixture of fascination and revulsion, although some of us are drawn in by the lack of effort to impress. Instead we value the effectiveness of the voice’s impression on us.

I wonder what that says of us? The voices we prefer to tune in upon, I mean? Honeyed, oiled, or all rough intensity and penetrating? Is there a timbre, a music in our souls that requires counterpoints and harmonies from another? Do we need something powerful from quite outside ourselves…something of thunder and lightning.

Or does it depend upon the disposition of the day? I think we often enjoy what we most need at the time….. if we are wise, anyway.

If you want excellent reading that can be both elegant along with thundering at times and strikes like lightning sometimes too- go wish The Doctor Is In a happy blog birthday. Stay for the party and read his well-wrought posts.