Tidbits For Today

Some people love Spam,Soli Deo Gloria: Culinary Confessions tells all.

Fans of ‘Political Teen’ might want to knw about the blog change to Expose the Left. H/T Sparks From The Anvil

2 thoughts on “Tidbits For Today”

  1. HA! If you ask my 6yo what her favorite food is, she’ll answer “Spam” everytime. Of course, she also likes saurkraut and okra so we might need to have her checked out by a professional… 🙂

  2. “saurkraut and okra”? HA! A budding gourmet? Although one of my sons loved asparagus as a child and then “grew” into much more conservative tastes.

    I would begin commending the love of saurkraut esp. cause it is found to be very good for you:)

    And that makes your child very smart,don’t you think? …makes you wonder if there are hidden values to Spam

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